September 15, 2009

I just thought the were potty trained!

Yes I said they.

Yesterday was lovely. It all started at midnight. I had given the kids a lot of water before bed on Sunday night. Usually water before bedtime isn't a problem for the kids.
But, at midnight I awake to Michael in my face asking where the twin sheets are. Most people can probably answer quickly but I seem to never know where I put anything for a good 5 minutes.

After I sent him off (looking in the wrong place) I get up and go to the correct place to find them.

So that was incident #1. After school time Monday the kids were playing outside. Michael and I were hanging out in the kitchen talking when Paisley runs in and says she has to pee. "Well go" we both hurriedly say.

Being the obedient child she is, she did...on the floor. Incident #2.

Fast forward to this morning at 6:45ish. Haven is standing by my bed and whispers, "Mom, why are my pants wet?" Had I not been joyfully sleeping I would have exploded. He's 5! But instead I say go change and get back in bed.

When I got up and went to wake the angels I saw him in bed and gasped "what are you doing in bed? are your sheets wet?!" They weren't. He's been known to pee just a bit not wetting the sheets (the positive to the story!). Incident #3.

And the final...I hope...incident just occured. When something happens 4 times close together you blog about it. Paisley was standing on the toilet brushing her teeth. I walked in and she looks panicked and says "I just peed". Grrrrrr.

She was on the potty!!!! Now my floor is a little cleaner as is the trashcan and toilet paper holder.

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Cindi said...

Just wait until I get older! :)