August 30, 2009

Haven's Playing Soccer!

I was sick at the thought of Haven playing soccer. Why? Because I know how Haven is around other people and I feared how this would unfold.

Haven is typical boy in every way. But when you put him in front of someone he doesn't know really well he turns into a deaf-mute.

His first practice went okay. His second practice I was worried. The coach told him to tell the players his name...nothing. No recognition of even hearing the man speak words. Silence and of course huge big brown eyes staring up at the coach.

I called my mom and chuckled at the thought that they might think Haven has a slight disability.

His first game was Saturday and after many pep-talks from Daddy on what to do, he did very well. His is no Tatu..ok so only 5 people in the world will know who that is but that's ok. He'll do well enough for the 5 minute quarters and 9 games this season.

I must add that he is the cutest player out there!


drbeck said...

Tatu who?

Sonja said...

I love that smile!

Cindi said...

YES!YES!YES! He is the cutest soccer player! And he's my little shy guy! Oh, I love that boy with all my heart. I could just eat him! ((only grandma's understand this term of endearment))
#9 is his number...right?

Autumn and Haley said...

well sorry to let you down, Mom, but he's #4 ;)