June 11, 2009

Have A New Kid By Friday

When Michael and I began reading Dr. Leman's book we had no idea we'd have the kind of new kid we have today!

Today our oldest child, Haley, made a decision every parent prays for. She received the Lord as her personal savior.

Haley has known about Jesus since she began talking. She would tell us in the car that if you didn't have Jesus in your heart you would go to hell (at 2 she knew this!).

But, knowing and having Jesus be a part of every moment of your day is not the same as actually voicing a prayer to turn from your sin and invite Jesus into your heart.

This week was VBS at our church. As you know, there is an invitation to accept Christ and go up to the pastor. Haley watched as 98% of the kids in her class went up there. She chose to sit and discuss the decision with her parents first.

I don't know that it was all her choosing. The Lord, I believe, placed a hesitation on her heart. I am eternally grateful that she came to us first. Praying with my precious first born was something I will never forget.

It is amazing how lightened I feel by her decision. There is a weight we don't perceive that we carry around. I think it is that fear of our children not becoming believers.

Of course, Dr. Leman's book is merely a coincedence. It's just funny that we really do have a new kid by Friday, a reborn one!


Cindi said...

Praise God!

The Rozell Family said...

wow, what a beautiful post. I have tears! I pray every night for my two boys to come to know the Lord at an early age. Haley, what a wonderful decision you have made today. I pray you will continue walking with the Lord and desire to grow closer to him everyday through every situation.

how are you autumn?? I always read your blog and enjoy hearing how you guys are doing. I am lovin lovin cloth diapering! Its AMAZING!