May 20, 2009

I went to bed frustrated

I am never content with this blog. I like to change the background, the colors, the picture. It always bugged me that there was never a 3-column template.

So last night I googled 3-column blogger templates, found one I liked, and changed my html.

All was fine until I realized that I could no longer get my picture to show up in the header. Even when I reverted back to my original blogger 2-column the picture wouldn't show up.

Over and over I tried and retried to fix the dang thing. BAH!! So annoying.

Alas, I now have a blog with no cute kids greeting you as you arrive. I'm sure there are a million and one people who could fix it. But with my constant changing I'd probably just mess it up the next time I felt like something new.

The whole messed up blog thing even distracted me from watching my favorite show! I only caught bits and pieces of The Mentalist...enough to have me dreaming about Red John.

It was quite hilarious really. I grabbed Red John, pulled him in the car (that I was riding in with Jane), and told Jane to hurry up and do whatever he wanted to do with him. Jane was taking too long to pull the car over so I start punching Red John..???

It was that frustration. I was taking it out on a fictional murderer. Add to the frustration the caffeine I had at 7pm and you have a crazy mind.

So hope you like the blog design and if you don't check back next week.


Jenn said...

need some help?

Cindi said...

humm...yep! I did the three column for awhile and got tired of it, so I went back. But I didn't have an issue with the pic. Wonder what's the problem?
Love this background though...might just steal it from you!!! Is that "like mother like daughter" or in the case "like daughter like momma"