March 27, 2009

Pictures from Haley's Birthday Party

Here are some pics (not that great) from Haley's party last Saturday. We had her party at an indoor jump place. They absolutely LOVED it.

It was actually kind of funny when we got into the room for cake and presents. Paisley busted big time and passed out (went to sleep not fainted lol) in Michael's arms. Then, Sterling demanded in a cute 2 wk old way that he needed to nurse. So that left me and Michael unable to help!

Thankfully, my dear friend Andrea was there to step in and help. She is an angel!

The cake was amazing...hehe I made it so of course it was ;) Even Brooke (Andrea's daughter) said it was the "best cake she'd ever had"! Woohoo!

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Dr Eva said...

How fun! Why aren't there pics of the fantastic cake?!?