March 2, 2009

Don't Bet On Natural Labor Inducers

I know, I know, a baby will come when they're ready. Not when I'm ready. But, I still attempt to get the baby coming at about 39 weeks every pregnancy.

However, despite the methods used, baby is still sitting pretty in the warm, dark recesses of my uterus. All efforts haven't been wasted though, my cervix is dilating. I just haven't had one of those "this is it" contractions.

So for your future reference here are a list of natural labor inducers that have not put me in labor:

1) Eating an entire fresh pineapple

2) Eating eggplant parmesan

3) Castor oil on the belly with a warm towel

4) Sex

5) Accupressure points: web of hand, 4 fingers widths above inner ankle bone, outside ankle between ankle bone and achilles. Rub hard.

6) Bazillions of mg of EPO :D

7) Jump roping

8) Running up hills with your kids

I've been at about 3-4cm for a week and effacement is 80+%

The "official" due date is March 3rd. My past births were: Haley 6 days over, Haven 1 day early, Paisley 9 days over.


April Fletcher said... is so close...I can't wait to hear the news!
At least you have made some progress with all your efforts. Maybe it is a sign that he/she will just slide out when they are ready (4-5 cm...that is almost half way there)!
Miss you all and so glad for the update

Dr Eva said...

So maybe this is another girl then! Nothing wrong with needing more beauty sleep in there when you're a girl! ;)