September 18, 2008

Paisley has weaned

It's official. Tuesday after lunch as I laid Paisley down for a nap I nursed her for the last time. In my mind I was going to wean her soon I just didn't realize how soon.

This time I want to journal about the last nursing session. With my other 2 I thought about it and never wrote it down. I actually thought I'd remember something so special as that but I don't.

Dear Paisley,

On September 16th you and I shared a last experience. I have recorded all your firsts but very few lasts. It was a gorgeous day. The weather was a perfect 78 degrees with the sun shining. As we finished lunch I asked you if you were ready for a nap. Just like you always do you took my hand and led me to my bed. I remember that I had actually fully made my bed that day with our big comforter. I spread out a sheet on top and you were so impatient! We laid down and I let you know that we wouldn't be nursing for much longer. I told you that you were a big girl now and mommy would miss nursing you. You eagerly pulled up my shirt to nurse and quickly fell asleep. As I unlatched you, you began to cry-in a mad way. Sometimes you do that. I think you are asleep but you haven't yet fully fallen. I said "shhhhh" and held your leg (you like that) and you slowly quieted and fell asleep. I walked out the room saying goodbye to one of the most precious moments we have ever shared. I loved nursing you. There could not have been a better relationship. I have been so blessed and I will miss our time so much. But through the tears I know there will be many more memories to fill this empty spot. Now every snuggle, every smile, every boo boo will be all the more cherished. Thank you for a perfect (and I mean perfect) 21 months of nursing.

Love, Mommy


mama2reese said...

So sweet that ou wrote something like this to her. It is a wonderful letter and idea. I sure one day she will read it and then share that special moments with her own babies.

Jenny & Reese
DS Mama :)

Michelle said...

Aw, so sweet Autumn :)

The Rozell Family said...

hey Autumn,
i am getting ready to enter the cloth diapering world in Feb (our #2 baby is arriving). I didnt CD with Rev our 1st but very excited about it with this one. I had remembered seeing somethign about CD on your blog so I signed up for the book you have written. I am debating on whether to spend the $ for it but I think I will! I am pretty clueless to all this Cloth diaper stuff. I have gotten on mothering discussion board many times but there is SO much to read.
looking forward to reading your info!

mzvanessa said...

Hi, i'm someone who randomly stumbled on your blog (i clicked on our common interest of "home birth" and found you =) )

I read through your journal, and had to comment on this entry.. it was so beautifully written. It brought me back to the last time i had nursed my first son. I remember crying when i realized it was our last time too.
Nursing is an amazing experience you never forget.