August 11, 2007

Why do I only write on bad days?

Perhaps this is a cathartic place for me. I seem to only be compelled to post when I want to scream at the top of my lungs while pulling my hair out...wait to pull my own hair would inflict pain on myself and to be very honest (with myself) I want to inflict pain on anyone but myself. However, as I write my wrath has come to an end. I feel that calm inside that should have always been there if I knew how to control my emotions better. No matter how intelligent I become I still seem to forget the obvious. When I am in a bad mood it makes the kids in a bad mood which then puts me in a worse mood ....

You know what, no more dirty post today. I want to talk about my happy experience. After reading Sarah's blog (In the midst of it) I learned all about "Roomtime". What a simple, often dreamed about concept. Day 1 was 20 minutes and went fantastic. They would have lasted longer but I wanted it to end on a high note. Today was Day 2 and it lasted 25 minutes. I stopped it at that point because Haven likes to eat and eat and then complain/yell "my body hurts" over and over. It takes lots of babying for me to convince him he just needs to poop and it will be all better. I am happy that I have established the beginning of a good routine. OH!! and I also made a chore chart (okay so it's really like the 10th chart I've made but I'm actually using this one)!! It is working great, the kids are participating, and I am setting good habits up for them. A wave of nostalgia just came over me...

When Chris and Lucas and I were little our mom and step dad had us on the right track-and thank God for that! We had weekly family meetings (someone took even Minutes) where at the end we drew chores. There was a weekly and a daily bowl. We'd pick 1 weekly chore and 2 daily, iirc. Let's see if I can remember all of them:
1)Kitchen Clean up (the dreaded chore)
2)Bathroom Clean
1)Kitchen Sweep
2)Bathroom Mirrors
Well I have failed miserably in that memory game. Hopefully, Chris can help me out via comment :)

I am joyfully (Phillipians 2:14, Col 3:23) going to go clean up my messy house now.

I feel so much better now!!!

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