August 1, 2007

"What's that?? I can't hear you!"

That was me today at the playgroup at Britt's. It's hard enough to get a word in when it's just me and Britt but today there was a lot of kid noise + 3 other moms. Overall it was a very successful playgroup with only minor injuries. I mean seriously, tell me of a playgroup with 8 kids and no hitting, pinching, biting, or yelling. Those don't exist. So when I can count the infractions on one hand it's a success. Again I was blown away by my brothers creative artistry. He made an amazing end table that would easily sell for $300+ in a store and a bookshelf was in the works. Britt had me laughing hysterically at her description of Chris' dream to build a hidden compartment for his coin collection. You know the "$30" collection he wants to hide from potential theives. (I put $30 in quotes so Chris would know that I was merely repeating his beautiful wife's words and that I would in no way belittle his prized possession) LMBO!!

There is so much to write, my brain is feeling fuzzy. My friend April left today. She came to shadow Michael in his practice. It is good to know that we do know a few wise people who are interested in learning from our mistakes and potential avoiding a lot of bad crap (that sounds so harsh)! April came to the playgroup today and enjoyed it immensely. If only she could convince her husband to move to Texas. I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a Thank You gift she had left in our guest room. It was a beautiful pitcher from Crate and Barrel. Ironically enough, one almost identical to the new one Brittani had sitting on her cabinet today. I was sad to see April go and I pray we will see each other again soon.

I would love to go watch a movie now so writing about my horrible time in mommy hell will not happen tonight. I will leave you with some words to make you go "poor girl".... sand, eyes, screaming, poop, baby freaking, dinner burning.... Good night.


Brittani said...

chris says: Get off my coin collection, Jigga!

Britt says: Great seeing you today and I loved this post:) (Not as much as I love you, though)

Brittani said...

PS You are not a loser...can I help it if I have a personal friend who has a HUGE following that took pity on me?

Cindi said...

You are an awesome mom and daughter. I'm so blessed to be your mom.